College Scorecard Data

Download the Data

Download the data that appear on the College Scorecard, as well as supporting data on student completion, debt and repayment, earnings, and more. The files include data from 1996 through 2017 for all undergraduate degree-granting institutions of higher education.

This data was last updated May 21, 2019. Our Change Log describes the changes to the dataset over time.

265 MB zip

Featured Downloads

These data downloads provide quick access to some of the data in which users may be most interested, including a file that offers the most current data for each element.

Data Documentation

The College Scorecard is designed to increase transparency, putting the power in the hands of the public — from those choosing colleges to those improving college quality — to see how well different schools are serving their students. This documentation provides more on how to use the data and includes:

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Outside Organizations Collecting Voluntary Data

Some other organizations have recently launched efforts to collect more accurate data on college completion, remedial education and workforce outcomes.